All around you, people do stupid things. Often very stupid things. They're idiots. You can go full force against them, headfirst. I know a couple of people with powerful skulls. They beat an average idiot easily back on track. But does that solves the problem or merely makes the symptoms disappear for some time?

95% of all people have an IQ between 70 and 130, 70 means just above people with some developmental or learning disability, 130 means Einstainish. Most people you meet will have an IQ of around 100. That makes them not stupid!

So why do intelligent people do stupid things? That's the question! A question you can't ask often enough. If you find out why somebody does something, you can have a much more significant impact.

I'm not saying you should find excuses together with that person for a particular behaviour. I'm telling you should try to understand their reasons. Scientific cancer research seeks to understand cancer. I'm sure they don't think of cancer as a good thing, but if they know its ways, they can beat it in its roots. The same applies to all sort of behaviour from a badly behaving child to people voting for the wrong party. If you know why something is happening, you can fix more then just the symptoms.

So, next time, ask why?