Jeroen Moors


Written an 23 February 2014

I was in London the other day, at a conference, an interesting php conference. These are my notes. They’re notes I made, so they’re subject to my interpretation and personal interests. PHP At The Firehose Scale Stuart Herbert PHP can be used to consume and process large amounts of data, however if you require insane […]

Written an 14 October 2013

Recent I got a question how to connect my oAuth module to Tank Auth for user session management. While that might be possible, I think that would be overkill. When I wrote the oAuth module, I also wrote a very simple module to handle the user session management. The module has only 3 methods: Set […]

Written an 18 June 2013

If you’re working on Open Source, documentation is king! However the process of creating documentation for a PHP C or C++ extension itself is not very well documented. You’ve got some official source like a howto, some specific info for pecl. The official docs are or outdated or pointing in different directions. A found a […]

Written an 15 June 2013

A classical multi web server setup A classical high available setup exists most often out of multiple web servers, database servers and maybe a redundant load balancer. The user generated content (UGS) like images, video, … can be uploaded on any web server and must be available on all web servers. The easiest way to […]

Written an 4 April 2013

Today I received an e-mail with a question, that I think, is a common issue with PHPWord: Adding line breaks in a text block. Let’s assume you’ve got this text*: Autumn end November: The night has fallen The bare branches can be seen Even more lonely If you use a n (carriage return) or even […]

Written an 14 March 2013

Na de eerste jQuery conferentie in Europa vorig jaar, belooft de line-up van de 2e editie opnieuw een boeiende conferentie. Absolute head-liner dit jaar is Brendan Eich, Mister Javascript himself. Vorig jaar maakte ik een shopping list om ter plaatsen te geraken en terug. Ik heb het lijstje even geüpdatet: Shopping list: Eurostar van Brussel […]

Written an 13 March 2013

PHPWord is a great library if you want to manipulate Word documents from PHP. One of the easiest ways to create a document is to use a existing document as a template and the setValue() function to replace tags inside this document. Unfortunately currently one very useful thing is missing: dynamically adding rows to a […]

Written an 21 December 2012

Sinds enkele dagen loop ik met “een ideetje”. Omdat uit te kunnen voeren heb ik input nodig van jullie: de web creatives, de internet wizards, de geeks, de online marketeers, de UX specialisten, de socialmedia guys, de grote denkers. Ik zou graag weten wat jullie denken dat belangrijk zal worden in 2013. Wat gaan de […]

Written an 22 May 2012

While hunting for performance issues, a view on all queries executed by mysql can be very useful. If you’re on a production system, you probably don’t want to touch the mysqld configuration. Therefor this little sniplet can be used to sniff the mysql traffic and filter out the useful query stuff. tcpdump -i eth0 -s […]

Written an 21 April 2012

Surprisingly enough there where quite some download of this library. On top of that @thambach asked for a GitHub fork. So I decided to do the right thing: Update things a bit and put it all on GitHub. The major new thing in this version is a helper library that can be used to load […]