You have heard this before, probably many times, but when was the last time you really took a step back and had a look?

Stepping out of your regular treadmill is of such importance that I will shamelessly try to sell it once again!

When you are neck-deep in a whirlwind, you aren’t able to provide essential questions to be successful.

  1. What is my goal?
  2. Which steps should be taken to reach that goal?

These questions are valid to anything from a single small task to your business or personal life goals.

If you don't know your destination, you will never reach it. A clear answer to the first question is often half the work. Think about real goals, not solutions or tasks packaged as a goal.

Reflecting on the second question ensures you put your energy where it will result in the most significant gains. Work on the right things and go from efficient to effective.

You could take it to the extremes and have a sabbatical, or simply leave your desk for a couple of minutes. Whichever option suits you, pick one. Do it!