Jeroen Moors

I love to talk! On this page you can find the slides I’ve used. They’re mainly published here as a reference for people who attended one of my talks.

If you think one of these talks would fit your conference or event, just contact me.

Help your browser to perform at its best

Let’s have a look under the hood of our browsers. How can we influence the execution of the internal processes so they can be performed in an optimal way.

Fronteers meetup
Belgium » Antwerp

HTTPS & Authentication in node.js

Performance talk

An Introduction in the world of https, ssl, tls, authentication strategies with a Belgian (eID) twist.

#njugbe meetup #7
Belgium » Hasselt
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(Frontend) performance tips & tricks

Performance talk

Known, unknown and shady tips and tricks for faster websites. What are the basics? How to keep your users happy even if something is slow. Solutions both for small and high traffic sites.

jsDay 2013 – unconference
15/05/2013 – 16/05/2013
Italy » Verona
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